G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education allows users to use the functions provided by G Suite for free, with unlimited storage space, combined with Google Classroom to create courses and classworks, and the applicable objects must be non-profit-making educational nature and officially approved by the government and schools Educational institutions.

You can check here for a more detailed explanation of what is G Suite for Education.

Who can use G Suite for Education?

G Suite for Education is available if you meet certain criteria.

Each country has its own legal and regulatory requirements to be considered an educational institution. Typically, you will need to have the following criteria

  • Verified non-profit organizations.
  • Government-approved, officially certified and nationally or internationally recognized primary, secondary or advanced education certification.
  • Institutions that provide educational services, but are not schools or universities, such as public libraries or military academies, are not eligible for G Suite for Education. However, they may be eligible to use G Suite for Non-profits.

How do I register G Suite for Education?

As Google for Education Partner, we can help you register G Suite for Education and verify your domain at no cost.

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