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Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The managed service model has grown in popularity in the business world, over the past few years, thanks to its enormous benefits and features. But what is managed service provider, and what benefits does it offer to your business?

MSP is a 3rd party service provider who manages a client’s software on their behalf. The provider assumes all operations of the company’s IT infrastructure, including managing the client’s G Suite or Microsoft 365 subscription.

Some of the tasks a managed service provider will undertake include but are not limited to, adding/removing users, resetting passwords, offering support, ensuring the use of correct licenses and implementing advanced security capabilities.

Benefits of Managed Service Provider

Reduction in IT Costs

Research shows that businesses that use managed service providers can cut IT cost by about 30% to 50%. By outsourcing IT support, companies can do away with the substantial salaries they have to pay an IT Manager. Besides, you will not have to pay for refresher training and other employee-related benefits like insurance, and pensions.

Instead, you’ll transfer all these costs to the MSP, while still enjoying high-quality services.

Saves Time

IT infrastructure has become complex for most businesses. Companies have to use multiple devices, which they can only acquire from different vendors. Now imagine how much time you’ll have to spend to get in touch with all these vendors and agree on contracts? Besides, you’ll have to maintain these devices to prevent security risks and damages. That would take forever.

With the degree of efficiency MSP operates, these tasks should be done in a short time. First, the managed service providers have established relationships with many vendors so getting the devices you need should not be an issue.

MSP also has a team of technicians who carry out maintenance work and ensure your systems are working optimally. This should reduce downtime and give you enough time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Access to a Pool of Skills

The IT environment is ever-changing, and businesses have to work extra hard to find and maintain the right skills to match their competition. This can be challenging, especially to those businesses working on a shoestring budget. Managed service providers are the best way for businesses to bring onboard skilled individuals for their IT Infrastructure. These professionals are ever learning on their job and up to date with the latest industry techniques.

Reduced Security Risk

Security breaches can take a toll on your business and ultimately result in a lack of customer trust. MSP can help you prevent that. They have experienced technicians who are well updated on the latest security protocols to detect and prevent if not minimize security threats.


In most organizations where IT services are acquired in-house, the IT departments work independently. With such an arrangement, access to data is always limited, which can hurt the company’s productivity. Managed service providers, on the other hand, bring together all the data and services into a centralized operation center. This means everything can be accessed from one place allowing for easy access and storage of data even for employees working remotely.


In today’s business environment, MSP is hard to ignore. These service providers offer numerous benefits and are instrumental in the growth of businesses, small and big alike. Contact us today and let Rays Technology be your Managed Service Provider, and you’ll love the result.