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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface has quickly become one of the most convertibles in the market right now. With their extremely beautiful designs and fluent user interface, Microsoft Surface is a must-have for anyone who loves the Windows Operating System. Here some facts about the Microsoft Surface which shows why you should have it.

Features of Microsoft Surface:

The Microsoft Surface was a project that was designed and developed by Microsoft in 2012. Ever since then, Microsoft has released multiple variants of their Surface devices, with new features every year. We, Rays Technology resell almost all Microsoft Surfaces. Here are some of the features about Surface that you should know about:


The killer feature of Microsoft Surface is that it comes in a 2-in-1 model. It can work both as a laptop and as a tablet. The Surface is a device that is focused for productivity, and the touchscreen ensures that the user is getting the most productivity out of their device as possible. 

Powered by Intel:

Although the earlier Surface devices were powered by ARM architecture, the more recent ones are mainly powered by Intel CPUs. These CPUs are extremely powerful, efficient and reliable. The recent Surface devices can also come in variants with integrated GPUs, ensuring full productivity and high performance. 

Amazing displays & clean designs:

Microsoft Surface comes with amazing displays that have very high PPI. Because the Surface devices are designed for high productivity, the Surface has a unique display that can accurately replicate most of the RGB and sRGB colors in the display of the device. 

The Surface devices, not only the laptops, are all sleek and are easy to carry around. The recent Surface laptops have a very good screen-to-body ratio, making for premium designs. 

Comes with surface pen:

One of the killer features of Microsoft Surface is that it comes with a unique Surface pen, though it might be an optional accessory that has to be bought. This surface pen is very accurate and is said to even rival the pen used in iPads. 

Why you should get Microsoft Surface:

Here are some reasons why you should get Microsoft Surface:

Continued hardware support:

Because the Surface devices are released by Microsoft itself, their hardware is supported by Microsoft itself. Even the oldest of the Microsoft Surface devices have gotten updates for several years. By buying an official Surface device, you are safe from viruses and other problems that people who are using other laptops or tablets might be plagued from. 

Really good customer support:

The customer support of the Microsoft Surface is really good. Many people have reported that the company was able to help them find adequate customer support and fixes for their devices way better than when they were using products from other companies. Microsoft is famous for having good customer support, and this product line is no exception to this rule. 

Where to get Microsoft Surface from?

If you are looking to buy Microsoft Surface, Rays Technology is definitely the best place to find reliable products. Hardware is not something that you should buy without reputation, and our business promises products that are in pristine condition so you can have a peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts:

There are rarely any laptops and tablets that are better than the Microsoft Surface for the professional segment of the market. You should think about investing in one if you have the budget.