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HP is a well-known brand for its products like printers and servers. This is because of their quality and variety in these products. Looking to buy one? RAYS TECHNOLOGY can assist you because we resell HP products.

Who can use the printers from HP and servers?

The main target of HP for selling their printer, scanners, and servers is the public that likes to keep these products at their homes up to industrial level usage. This is the reason why you get a huge variety in their products and the best part is that each item of this variety has different features.

This enables the customers to buy anything that they like according to the features that they get.

Benefits of HP servers and printers:

The printers and the servers that you can get from HP have different benefits for each of them. Here we will discuss the benefits of each of them in detail.

Wireless connectivity makes the HP printers great.

One of the latest features that you can get in the HP printers is that you can have wireless connectivity. For this, you need no additional software or anything. All you need is the HP printer software for your pc, notebook, tablet, or mobile devices.

With the help of these printers, you can get printouts from every part of your house without needing to worry about using the printer connected to the computer. The best part about this is that you can directly print images and other important documents from your phone with the help of the wireless connectivity. Rays technology can help you buy good HP printers with a very fair price.

High-quality printers for office use.

In an office, there are several types and features required for a printer. In this case, wireless is sometimes not the best option. But the wireless printers from HP can still perform up to the mark. Other than the wireless options, the wired printers can also be a great option to deal with the heavy workload of different offices.

An amazing feature in the wired printers for office is that you still get the availability to stay connected with multiple computers which means that a single printer can work for the whole cabin in an office. Some types of printers from HP are listed below.

  • Inkjet printers.
  • LaserJet printers.
  • Deskjet printers.
  • Color and black & white printers.

HP servers are the best for home-based usage:

Apart from the HP printers, the servers are also remarkable. These can help you in wirelessly controlling and using your files without the need of having to carry a flash drive or a hard drive. These small server devices can also be used to manage your local business software and files remotely from your home.

Great for office or industrial usage:

Not only are these servers best for home or other small level usages, but they can also be used for heavier workloads for industries, hospitals, and schools.


A printer and a server have become a need of almost every household and an office. For this people buy products from different brands and most of them get disappointed. Buy HP printers and servers from RAYS TECHNOLOGY because we resell the best quality HP printers and servers at unbelievable prices and great discounts.