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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform and services are a group of cloud computing services that can help the end-user receive various benefits like Virtual Machines, cloud backup, cloud APIs and so much more. Because these services are from Google itself, you are guaranteed to get the best performance and support. Here is everything we offer: 

What is Google Cloud?

Like we mentioned earlier, Google Cloud is an array of services and products from Google itself for their cloud platform. Google cloud resources can consist of physical assets such as computers and even hard disks, but most of its services extend to virtual machines – that it is more famous for too. 

There are various tiers for Google Cloud, that extend depending on what kind of services you require, and for how much time period. There is even a free tier, though it is more like a trial period. 

What does Rays Technology offer for Google cloud?

Rays Technology can offer various kinds of services for the customer. We officially partner with Google Cloud to sell their services. There are many advantages of using our services to buy Google Cloud’s services instead of trying to directly buy their products. These advantages include:


We get exclusive discounts that we share with our customers so you can use Google Cloud services for cheap. Google is always looking for a reliable partner, and because they have deemed us to be reliable, they offer casual discounts. We can promise that the prices we offer with the services will be unbeatable. 

There are even occasional discounts on Google Cloud, and we are sure to update our prices in case such an event does occur. 

Partner expertise:

If you are looking for partner expertise with Google Cloud, we can ensure that no other business can match us with our prices and other services that we provide to our customers.

We demonstrate customer success by product, workload and industry based on special requirements that we have agreed upon with our staff and have reached upon after countless hours of hard-work. As Expertise, we can help you provide a whole lot of features that you won’t be able to find otherwise, for a price lower than the original price. 

Support & Training:

For customers that are only starting out as a web developer or just want to use Google Cloud services but don’t know where to begin, we also provide support and training for various products. All you have to do is holler while buying from us, and one of our knowledgeable staff should be able to help you find everything you need. 

Other than providing training, we also provide extended support for Google Cloud until your services end with us, so that you are able to have the best experience that you will ever need. 

Final Thoughts:

Most of the times, we are selling Google Cloud services for a bargain-like price because we want to see a world where proficient web developers finally become a thing. If you want to buy Google Cloud services from Rays Technology, be sure to consult us beforehand.