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TradeGecko is an order management software that provides a powerful cloud-based commerce platform for growing companies. It is used by e-commerce businesses to simplify and manage sales, complex workflows, and other time-intensive tasks. It doesn’t matter what your business structure is, TradeGecko can be used for businesses ranging from retail to web design to provide a boost to their backend operations. 

The software is fairly easy to use and integrate for both; aspiring partners and willful merchants. TradeGecko allows business owners to achieve operational excellence and peace of mind by providing them with a platform to create custom inventory, save sales reports, and track business growth. As businesses no longer have to worry about dealing with the inventory, they can focus on optimizing other operations, which increases their sales and accelerates development. 

How Can We Help

Working with TradeGecko as a partner has enabled us to provide a wide range of inventory-related solutions to our clients. We make it easier for merchants to get paid in one click, facilitating a faster and better shopping experience.

We cover a wide range of industries, including fashion, apparel, cosmetics, health & wellness, food & beverage, and many others. If you are looking to introduce an efficient payment system on your e-commerce website, we offer the best solution. To get an idea of how we can take your business to the heights of success, here is a general outline of the benefits our merchants get from us. 

Efficient Inventory Check and Order Management 

As an e-commerce website, you need access to advanced tools that help you keep your inventory in check and facilitate order management. With us at your side, we help you with forecasting, inventory reporting, stock purchases, and warehouse management. You get full control and view of your inventory so that you can track stock data and keep an eye on real-time sales orders. 

Orders On the Go 

With the help of our mobile app, you can update your product listing, process orders, manage your inventory, and view customer information anytime and anywhere you want to. You get the option to integrate your website with shopping platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc., which opens up a world of opportunities for your business.

Sell Wholesale

Different businesses have different demands from clients. If you want a platform where you can sell wholesale products, we help you by offering you TradeGecko’s B2B platform, which is specially designed to present a digital storefront where your wholesale customers can see the pricing and details of the items.

Sync Stock and Automate Orders 

An e-commerce store is nothing without providing the user with an updated stock. You have to keep your catalogue updated and make sure that any item that you update through the platform gets synced so that there is no delay. As your data is completely synced through the cloud, it helps you to minimize manual errors and prevent any stockouts. You can end up setting remote access to your system, as well as setting permissions to the employee level so that you can control who gets to handle complex tasks. 

Flexible Payment Processing

Running an e-commerce website means that you need to provide your customers with an efficient payment method that doesn’t have any loopholes. We give merchants the option to set a discounted price for bulk orders, support multiple currencies, keep accounting records, and generate analytics reports. If you are running a worldwide store, you can also comply with various tax regulations around the world. 

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We are a highly qualified team of e-commerce and business strategists, helping our clients succeed online. If you want to thrive online, give us a call as we believe in making e-commerce easy for everyone.