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Bitrix24 can be the best option that will assist your online business as it grows. Here we will discuss how RAYS TECHNOLOGY manages to provide the best Bitrix24 services to its customers.

What is bitrix24 and what are the services that you get?

Bitrix24 is one of the world’s leading client relationship management software solutions providers. It can provide efficiently integrated software based on cloud-based systems that can help your business to grow on international terms.

These are several partner expertise teams that are working with Bitrix24 for reselling their software solutions. These partners provide many benefits some of which are discussed below.

Benefits of getting Bitrix24 services for your business software solution.

If you get the services of software by Bitrix24 from their partners like RAYS TECHNOLOGY, then you will be able to enjoy these benefits.

Better task automation.

In the 21st century of the digitally developing world, your business software solution must work efficiently. Task automation is a step in the right direction.

The real benefit of this feature is for the businesses where you have to meet the deadlines for long lists of work. These task automation services can help you in terms of automated emails, notifications, and alert systems

Administration mobile application.

Having control over your business software is the need of this generation of growing businesses. There are many cases where a single person could be managing more than one business. In this case, being able to manage the administrative tasks from far away can be a great option.

The mobile application integrated with these business software solutions can be great for this. Getting the business software solution and mobile application from partner resellers can provide you with great value for your price along with excellent customer service

Efficiently working with the resources.

For many businesses, it is very important to know if a certain product or service is available. It saves time for both the customer and the administration. By getting the Bitrix24 services, you can get all these interesting and productive features integrated into your system.

One great benefit of getting your business software solution from a reseller is that the software you will get will be an exceptional software, but you will have to pay a lot less for it.

Better communication.

With the customer support services always available to help you with any kind of problems, it will be great to manage your work with your client on Bitrix24. This is because you will be able to deal with your problems and errors related to your business software solution quickly and easily. This will be great for small to large scale e-commerce business websites.


The features needed by every business are not the same. But some features are those which are not required but those are necessary. Bitrix24 is the platform that can provide these services to you and if you want to get even better services, getting them from RAYS TECHNOLOGY will be an even better decision because of the better rates and services.