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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

If you are looking for cloud services, there isn’t much competition when it comes to Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Web Services are indisputably top of the line, offering a huge array of benefits under a single banner. 

As a reseller and partner of Amazon Web Services, we are proud of the benefits we provide. Here is a brief overview:

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services, as the name suggests, are services that are offered by Amazon itself. The services are designed to be reliable, scalable and relatively inexpensive as compared to many other brands that claim such services.

 AWS offers a simple pay-as-you-go approach that lets you pay for as much as you are using – which is a much different and more efficient approach as compared to subscription-based products. 

Why choose us to buy AWS?

There really isn’t anything that is stopping you from buying Amazon Web Services. Even if we agree that if these services are what you need for your cloud computing needs, you should definitely get them. However, it can become quite expensive and arduous to buy directly from the company. Here is a list of benefits that we provide if you buy Amazon Web Services from us:

Priority in Support

As a customer, you will be given more priority in support channels should you run into any issues while using AWS. We agree that Amazon is a big company, but that also means it might not be able to provide customized support to its customers.

Businesses like the Rays Technology basically sell AWS services, but provide much more customized support because we have a relatively smaller customer base. 

Invitation to get training:

Rays Technology does not only want to sell software, but we also want to see people use more of these products. This is why we provide technical training for our customers. If you buy AWS from us, you will automatically be subscribed to our training regime that you can take at your leisure. If you have any issues, you can always contact our support, and we will let you know as soon as possible. 

Lower prices with more features:

Amazon usually sells its products when bought in bulk. This is true for its online services too. We can promise you that we will provide you with AWS services at prices cheaper than the retail price. We also get regular discounts from the company itself to ensure more customers are being invited.

Do not fret, for you will not lose any of the original services that AWS was offering you. In fact, we will also add in our own excellent services within your subscription so you can reap more benefits than your peers who are paying the full amount for AWS. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you were able to find everything you needed to know about buying Amazon Web Services from Rays Technology. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us. We are always eager to solve any problems you go through, so you can have the best experience.