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Are you troubled by storage? Do you need your files on multiple files at a go and remotely? Dropbox is the answer for you. This file hosting service provides services such as file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. It is a cloud-based server that offers online data storage. The data is available to you on any device as soon as you sign in to your account.

Storage Back Up

As a smart business person, you know that it is important to store your essential files in such a manner that ensures that you always have a copy of the files at all times. With changing times and technology, it is not enough to use flash disks, hard disks, and websites to store data and files. Dropbox offers a much simpler alternative to safely store your data and files. Dropbox also offers users the chance to store relatively large files with ease.

File Sharing

Dropbox allows users to share files between their business colleagues and employees easily. Provided that everyone has an account with Dropbox, adding, and sharing of content is very easy. You can also limit the people who can access a file in the Dropbox. You can do this by locking your folders and giving the password to a select few who are to access the folder. You can also share files between two or more organizations through the Dropbox account.


It is very easy and flexible to access Dropbox. Dropbox offers access options such as:

  • Desktop access: It offers downloadable Dropbox software. This software allows you to access all your files and folders directly in your Linux, windows PC or MacBook. The files and folders are available even when one is offline.
  • Mobile access: A Dropbox application is available for one when a person is not close to a computer. The application is easy to use and reliable at any time. It also offers access to files and folders when one is offline.
  • Online access: You can also access your Dropbox from another computer. This occurs when you sign in your account in the Dropbox website and all the saved files become accessible. You can also upload files through the Dropbox website.


At any time when you add or delete a file or folder, Dropbox instantly updates to everyone who has access to it. This ensures that you have the most important and latest copy of your files at all times.


Dropbox ensures that your files and folders are safe and sound in the cloud. Only people with access to your Dropbox account can access them. This makes the files and folders safe from prying eyes. Using Dropbox also ensures that you do not misplace the files. Physical handling of files may be challenging since they may get lost or misplaced. Using the Dropbox ensures that this does not happen.


A Dropbox contains an “undo” button. This button is vital when one mistakenly deletes a very important document or file or something that you did not intend. This button allows a person to reverse the initial process of deleting. A drop box contains a 30-day history of all your deleted files before they are permanently deleted from your account.

Dropbox is an essential service for any business. It offers a huge amount of cloud storage. This makes it possible for one to store large files and folders without worrying about storage capacity issues. Dropbox allows one access to the stored files and folders at any place at any time.

What Rays Technology offer?

As a certified partner of Dropbox, we offer support to ensure that clients have the best experience of using this file-sharing and cloud storage service. With our services, you can make the best use of Dropbox products to meet the unique needs of your business. We also offer discounts and value-added services. We are ready to answer any question you have regarding the use of your Dropbox account.