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Keeper Security

With the involvement of a lot of applications and online platforms in our lives, maintaining a safe password has become very difficult. By getting the Keeper Security services from Rays Technology, you can easily manage and keep all your passwords at the same time.

How Keeper security works?

Keeper Security is a platform that can be used to manage all your passwords. This is the era where keeping the same passwords for all your accounts is not very safe. This is because if someone gets access to one of your accounts, all of the data will come at risk.

The biggest threat is the payment information saved in your mobile banking applications. With Keeper Security, you can easily manage all your passwords and the best part is that no matter how difficult all your passwords are, you will only have to remember one password.

Benefits of getting Keeper Security:

Using this password storing and management system is very beneficial for everyone and here we will discuss some benefits that you can get by using this amazing platform.

You can use it one more than one device:

Most of the people manage their passwords by keeping them safe in a file on their computer to their phone. This is some problems like these.

  • You will have to carry that file or the device carrying that file everywhere with you.
  • Anyone can get access to that file very easily.
  • If you lose that file accidentally, you will lose access to all your important accounts.
  • This is a very time costly and not very convenient method of managing passwords.

With the help of Keeper Security, you can easily manage and use your passwords on more than one device at the same time. This means that you will never have to stay logged out of your account.

Works flawlessly on a lot of platforms:

An amazing feature of using the Keeper Security is that you will not have to worry if this works on different platforms or not. This is because the developers of Keeper security have made it compatible with some of the world’s most popular operating systems. The platforms on which it can work are listed below.

  • Android
  • iOS.
  • Windows.
  • Mac.
  • Windows phone.
  • Linux.
  • Kindle.
  • Nook.
  • Chrome browser extension.
  • Firefox browser extension.
  • Safari browser extension.
  • Opera browser extension.

The best part here is that all of the platforms use this tool with almost the same user interface that makes managing the tool on different platforms very easy.

All of your data is encrypted at your end, that means nobody, but you can have access to it:

This is again one great feature of using Keeper Security. To ensure the security of your passwords, they use an encryption method that means that your passwords will not be available to anyone else but you. Even the owner and organizers of Keeper Security will not be able to see your passwords or other data.


Keeper Security is a paid platform, but you do not need to worry. This is because, with the awesome discounts from Rays technology, you can easily use its services.