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Don’t you have any free space left in your server’s chassis to install a hard disk drive but still you need more storage capacity? Well, in this kind of situation considering a network attached storage (NAS) can be a handy option for you to consider. Most amazingly, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are not only being used for extended storage solutions but also to back up your data as well as a media server to store and play your multimedia content without any worry. 

Synology is known to be a leader in developing NAS storage devices as well as in offering an amazing range of NAS models. However, if you are running a business and needs a trustworthy source to get the best NAS products at the most amazing prices, then Rays Technology can be the best option for you. 

Do you want to know what Synology products you can get from Rays Technology and how it can provide you the best services in this regard? Let’s have a look at a detailed overview of Synology solutions that you can get from here as well as the compelling benefits of buying these solutions from Rays Technology. 

A brief overview of Synology products 

Synology is offering a wider array of NAS & IP, surveillance and networking products. There are plenty of businesses who are relying on products solutions that are being offered by Synology to survive in the best possible way. Synology products are more preferred because of multiple reasons among businesses. Some common reasons people prefer these technology solutions are:

  • These are super easy to set-up. 
  • Synology products are simpler to use. 
  • These can make it possible for even the novice users to dip their toes into the world of technology without any feeling of being too overwhelmed. 
  • The Synology is also offering an amazing plethora of technology products in the fields of NAS & IP, surveillance and networking. So that you can easily get the one you need the most with ease. 

Products offered by Synology 

Synology is offering a wider array of products in three major fields of technology. Let’s have an overview of each field to get to know more about these in a more effective way. Surprisingly, we are offering an entire range of Synology products for our customers. 


Synology is offering a wider range of small to midsize and enterprise level NAS and IP SPAN products that are lightning fast, reliable, scalable, and comes with the highest performance level for different sizes of businesses. The major NAS and IP Span products are available in multiple series to fulfill different business needs such as value series, plus series, FS series, XS+/XS Series, SA Series and more. 

Other than these NAS products, Synology is also offering Dual control panel IP SPAN, Solid state drives and other accessories including expansion units, Add-in cards, RAM modules and more. 


The Networking products of Synology are meant for performance. It is not only offering the fastest Wi-fi routers but also offers networking products with a comprehensive feature set. It also offers client VPN access license as well as Synology Router Manager for clients’ convenience. 


However, when it is about the Synology Surveillance products then you can get anything from high-quality and energy efficient Network Video Recorder, to Deep Learning AI based NVR, and visual stations to ensure enhanced security. 

These products are meant to change the way surveillance is going to be done now. These can let you get the complete footage, if any incident is going to happen. However, the IT based NVR solution can also trigger automatic response when an incident is going to happen.  

What do we do?

We are reselling an entire range of authentic Synology products to business. Any business who wants to get the best quality, authentic and 100% original Synology products even in bulk range can contact us. We are always here to serve you more professionally. We are thriving to provide you our unmatchable services to offer you the best ever experience in the best possible way. 

Why choose Rays Technology?

Rays Technology has built its reputation for helping businesses in the technology field on the basis of its high-quality services, and our dedication. And for being a bit different than others in the industry, we are providing the best ever services in a more amazing price range. 

There are multiple benefits of buying the best Synology products from us. Let’s have a look at some reasons given below to convince you in a better way. 

Volume based attractive discount offers 

We always make sure to bring some excitement with every purchase of our clients by offering special discounted offers to them. Amazingly, our clients can experience some exciting discount offers based on the volume of their purchase. Undoubtedly, the more you are going to order from us, the higher discount you will be able to get here. 

So, it is always smart to book bulk orders and get surprising discounts in the best possible way. 

Post-sale support 

We will step forward whenever you will need our help. We also high-quality and quick support to our customers even after sale. If you are getting any problems in products you have bought from us, you can contact us to get that resolved by professionals as quickly as possible. We love our customers and make sure to be there for them always in the hour of need. We never let our clients fail, because we are always on their back to support them. 

We have experience 

Fortunately, we have been working in the technology industry for years. Our years of experience has polished our expertise and now we know how to serve our clients in the best possible way. We always spot innovative opportunities for our client businesses to improve and grow their businesses via latest technology. Along with the best products we also share the best practices with our clients. 

Also, feel free to get in touch with us to inquire about any product being offered by us. We are always here to help you in every aspect of our services.