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G Suite Overview

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a smart office suite developed by Google Cloud that contains the cloud tools businesses need, such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive, Meet, Calendar and customized personal corporate email ([email protected]), and with at least 30GB of storage in the Basic account, it’s easy to communicate and collaborate with your team online at all times, whether on your phone or computer.

Why should I use G Suite?

Customized [email protected] Company Email

Without having to customize a company mailbox system, you can already create company mail for each employee, which not only enhances the company’s corporate image, but also effectively increases the likelihood of mail being opened.

Charge based on number of users

Regardless of the version of G Suite, it is charged per user, even one person can enjoy the purchase of this productivity tool for businesses, the price starts low as US$6/month or HK$48/month.

Large amount of cloud storage space

The Basic account has at least 30GB of storage space, while the Business and Enterprise Enterprise G Suite has unlimited storage space, enough for any size company.

Strict security system

Whether you use G Suite on your company computer or your mobile phone, every operation is encrypted and has an unusual login alert. In addition, the G Suite has a built-in Google Admin application to manage the rights of internal and external people to read data to avoid the company’s data leakage, while Gmail has a built-in 99.9% spam filter to help you automatically block irrelevant ads and reduce external intrusion.

Easy to use page and 24/7 support

G Suite is a set of cloud-based help tools for setting up and working with Chrome, providing a familiar web screen with simple features and settings that make it easy for users to work efficiently while saving time to adapt.

G Suite can be centrally managed by the company

G Suite also has a built-in Google Admin application that gives the company’s top administrators the ability to manage the company’s users through Google Admin, including their access to certain documents and files, creating different branches in groups. In addition, even if they leave, all of their past data and operations on the cloud will be retained and can be migrated to other users, not disappearing.

Since there is already a free Gmail Account, why I need to buy G Suite?

Gmail can’t customize your company email

Gmail’s domain name (@gmail.com) cannot be modified, and it is difficult to set up a mailbox with its own short name. In the case of G Suite, even after opening, it is possible to create a personal company mailbox ([email protected]) to facilitate communication between the company and internal and external personnel.

Gmail: for personal use VS G Suite: for corporate use

G Suite is based on the interface and basic functions of Gmail, plus a corporate mailbox system with a corporate perspective. In addition, the built-in AI system will predict the text you type in advance while writing English emails, which is convenient for writing business emails.