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If you are running a local business and you want to take to the online levels, or you are looking to upgrade your existing online system. Then you might have heard about Freshworks. Getting their services with the assistance of RAYS TECHNOLOGY can work charms for your business and here is how it works.

What are the Freshworks services

Freshworks is a company that is working to provide customer relationship management systems to their clients and they not only provide their software by themselves, but they also do it on the partnership bases. If you get their customer relationship management services with the help of RAYS TECHNOLOGY, you will be able to enjoy certain benefits. Some of them are discussed below.

The benefits of getting Freshworks services.

The following are the benefits of getting Freshworks services.

You do not need to worry about anything.

If you are using freshwork services, there will be nothing left that you would have to worry about. From the working of your customer relationship management system to its efficiency, everything will be dealt with by the service providers and their partners. Even the integration and installation of the product where you have to do a little work, they will properly guide you on how to do that.

Cloud-based systems provide global access.

Cloud-based systems are now the essential thing that any business can have. This is because not only the customers can reach your business from any part of the globe, but the management or administration can also do this. If you hire a person for managing your business from another part of the world, it will be very easy for that person to use your system. All of this just because of the cloud-based system.

Good analytics and reporting services:

Freshworks offer great analytics and reporting services You will have complete command on the information you are looking for and the reporting will be done in an excellent way.

Marketing and sales automation:

These are some of the unique features provided by freshworks. You will have good marketing and sales automation system with a control of almost 70 percent. You can have good management by using freshworks.

Easy integration of all the software.

With the help of our teams of experts working to provide you the best Freshworks services for your business, the priority, in any case, is your customer. That is why the client relationship management system that you get to build on cloud-based systems is very easy to integrate between all the products that you get from Freshworks. Not just this, it is also cheaper to run and manage these systems as compared to the on-premise solutions.

Freshworks Products you need to know about:

There are many products offered by Freshworks. Some top of them are explained below.


It helps your support team to communicate and act as a good customer support team.


If a user is trying to chat with you on your website, freshchat will help this communicaton for better sales.


It works well for sales team as it updates them about the product status etc.


It handles all the queries that are asked by the team internally.


It helps in calling with the help of Cloud based system. It enables calling to 90+ countries around the globe.


It works as a HR for your recruitment needs. All the employees record is managed by this product.


This is an amazing service as it will tell you about the status of your website. If your website is down you will get the notification very quickly.


It helps your team combine their energy to give best solution to all the problems faced by customers

These are some of the famous products offered by Freshworks.


A business management software is not a simple software as it is a blend of many software working together. For the success of your business, your client relationship management system must be good enough. If you are looking for someone who can provide you with their partner expertise, then RAYS TECHNOLOGY is the answer to all your problems.