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People who are interested in inbound marketing certainly know about HubSpot. HubSpot is a clear leader in the industry of digital marketing. At the same time its blogs, certifications and video courses are very popular among people associated. Even though you think about what HubSpot is, it can be a little harder for the people around to understand what it can do for their business. 

Even more, when it comes to find the HubSpot partner you can easily rely on, then finding the best option can become a bit difficult for you. However, this isn’t going to happen anymore. It is because Rays Technology can be the best place to find the right HubSpot products as per your business needs. 

Well, before moving forward, let’s have a look at what is HubSpot, how it can benefit your business, and what experience you can expect from Rays Technology regarding HubSpot solutions. 

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is known to be a cloud-based CRM that is meant to help marketing and sales teams, boost Return on Investment, foster your business sales enablement as well as help businesses in inbound marketing strategies to get more qualified leads in the best possible way. 

In a nutshell, HubSpot is an immense platform. It is very hard to outline its entire capabilities in one sentence only.  However, overall, you can say that HubSpot is an immense software platform which is meant to help your business market as well as sell in a more effective way. 

Main objective of HubSpot:

The basic objective of HubSpot is to help businesses in marketing their products or services in a far better way than before. Therefore, it has combined everything from website design, to blogging, email marketing to social media postings and much more to offer one single platform for its users that can be accessed and utilized from anywhere all around the world. 

However, now HubSpot is offering a CRM software which is an original software along with specific tools for marketing, sales and service departments. All of these tools can be integrated seamlessly together to help your business to grow in the best possible way. 

What does it do?

HubSpot is offering an extensive number of software solutions to help businesses in making a difference in every part of your customers’ journey. It has divided its tools into hubs and these are available to be purchased separately. 

However, when these tools are combined these can work together to offer you a complete suite of tools that can work across support, marketing and sales teams in an effective way. 

  • Marketing Hub: The marketing hub of HubSpot can offer you an entire range of tools required to run a successful marketing campaign that can attract, engage and delight both current and potential customers with ease. The marketing hub is containing everything from landing pages, SEO, email marketing to blogs, social media marketing and analytics. 
  • HubSpot CRM: This tool is meant to let you organize and track your customers and leads. This can let you collect your visitor’s information more effectively. 
  • Sales Hub: Organize, communicate and track your potential leads with sales hub tools by getting more visibility in the pipeline. Sales hub includes everything from email templates to pipeline tracking and more. 
  • Service hub: The customer service solution can help you in connecting with customers to manage your relationships more effectively. Get anything from customer feedback to conversational bots with service hub by HubSpot. 

What are the benefits of HubSpot for businesses?

Do you want to know how HubSpot can benefit your business in a more effective way? let’s have a look at the information below to know more about this with ease:

An all-in-one solution 

Bring your marketing and sales at the same page with HubSpot as an all in one platform. Whether you want to track your visitors’ journey or planning to launch a successful marketing and sales strategy, HubSpot can help you in anyway. Because HubSpot always knows where things are and how these can benefit you. 

Easier prospects identification 

HubSpot can let you identify and track IP addresses from your visitors. Your team can monitor the activities of visitors until the right time of approaching them. Having a recorded history of their visited content and pages is good to let you identify what they are looking for. 

Monitor the complete buyer’s journey easily 

HubSpot can let you identify the stage of each buyer on your business site. It means you can get to know when they become your lead, pages they have looked for, and when finally, they became your customer. This will let you know where they are standing in a journey of buyers. 

Update info for your teams automatically 

HubSpot is a clever tool. Because whenever it is going to get new info about a lead, it will update that automatically. This can be a lifesaver for your marketing, sales and support teams. 

Who we are:

Rays Technology is a partner of HubSpot who is providing the best HubSpot tools at a highly reasonable price range for businesses. If you want to get some exciting prices or unmatchable post-sale support services, we are always here with you. 

Why us?

Get some exciting volume-based discounts 

We are reselling HubSpot solutions to businesses around to help them. At the same time, we used to offer some exciting surprises in terms of discounts on each order. However, the discount percentage is completely based on the volume of their order. We know how to make HubSpot solutions more affordable for you with ease. 

We know how to exceed your expectations 

We are working in the technology field for years and helping our clients in getting the right solutions for their businesses. So that they can grow their business in the best possible way. We are helping our clients with the best support team and exceeding their expectations in terms of service quality, reliability and durability. 

Support service you can rely on 

We understand your concerns and inquiries even after post-purchase. Therefore, we have established an excellent support service for our clients. So that they can get their problems resolved as quickly as possible. 

Do you want to know more about us? Get in touch with us and let our professionals help you in every aspect.