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Facebook Ads

Social media marketing is a very effective way of marketing for businesses and startups. But everyone cannot achieve their goals of social media marketing. With the help of experts at RAYS TECHNOLOGY, you can get the attention of your potential audience.

What are the Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads?

Posting the ads is the most beneficial when you do it at the place where most of your audience can see it. Facebook and Instagram are both the platforms that have a lot on a worldwide audience.

Here you can post anything related to the business and sponsored posts are known to get better attention because they pop up on the newsfeed of most of the users of both Facebook and Instagram.

If you post ads about the business that you want to be advertised and use better advertising and marketing techniques, this can be very beneficial for you and your business.


Benefits of using Facebook and Instagram Ads:

There are many benefits of posting Facebook and Instagram ads. Just because a lot of people use these platforms, many eyes can see your advertisements and the interested people can become your customer with the help of these ads.

So, we can say that this is a very effective way of marketing. Here we will discuss some other benefits of using these platforms.

Gain huge attention from text-based ads:

On Facebook, you do not necessarily need to make a special marketing post. Here you can make posts entirely from text and you can also paste links there that can be very helpful for gaining a more interested audience for your business. Rays technology can help you get a lot attention with their amazing text-based ads.

Add images and videos in your posts:

If you are up to making very attractive posts for your social media advertising on Facebook, you can add all the images and videos about the thing that you are advertising and the text and links can still be there in the description or the caption.

Other than that, if you are not looking to make great descriptions about your posts, Instagram will be the right platform for you because it allows you to post great videos and images and you can start your sponsored advertisements on Instagram.

Instagram is an amazing platform for business promotion:

While Facebook is used for different topics, Instagram can be used for reaching out to people. This is because the diversity on Facebook is a lot more than Instagram and If you post ads about your business on Instagram, People with similar interests will find these advertisements very easily.

Very easy to reach your potential audience:

As we all know that almost every person uses Facebook and Instagram, it will be very easy to reach your potential audience. The best part is that the marketing algorithms of these social media platforms can help you in getting a great number of customers for your business in no time.


Facebook and Instagram ads are very important these days, but they require hiring a dedicated person for managing these ads, accounts, and pages. RAYS TECHNOLOGY can help you in this matter with their unbelievable discounted prices and great customer service.