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You may have heard a little-known rumor about Google running for a nonprofit. The official name is Google for Nonprofits, which is a good project for cash-strapped organizations, but there is a lot of confusion about what it includes and how to apply.

This article will show you what Google for Non-profits is, what qualifying restrictions are, and help you decide whether it’s right for your career. So don’t delay.

What is Google for Nonprofits?

Google For Nonprofits is a collaborative project designed by Google. It provides non-profit organizations with free tools to communicate, raise money, and connect quickly and effectively with donors.

What are the features of Google For Nonprofits?

The following is a breakdown of each product in the Google For Plan, in order from “most commonly used” to “in rare cases useful.” Each product has its own powerful capabilities, so the best way to evaluate them is to see how it relates to your NPO.

G Suite For Nonprofits (Google Apps)

The first is G Suite, which until recently was Google Apps. If you have a Gmail account, you may be familiar with the features G Suite offers, which are essentially The Enterprise Edition of Gmail. Because every nonprofit uses email, documents, and spreadsheets, I list it as the most useful app for nonprofits in Google.

What it can bring you.

  • Unlimited Gmail accounts, which end at @yourdomain.com, are unlimited compared to @gmail.com.
  • Google Drive, DOCs, files, forms, slides, and more. All these fun little apps
  • 30GB of space (15 spaces in a personal account) for Drive document and email hosting
  • Provide 24/7 actual personnel support by phone, chat and email.
  • Administrators access all accounts in the organization

We all know how useful Google docs are, but I think Google hosting data while giving you full control is the biggest feature of this product. This frees up space on your server, and you can automatically archive e-mail messages after a certain amount of time for automatic ongoing maintenance. But most of all, it gives your organization control over their data.

I’ve seen several organizations automatically forward messages to individual gmail accounts because of their familiar interfaces. While this works well at first, it ultimately raises concerns about confidential information. If an employee leaves because of bad conditions, you won’t be able to retrieve your organization’s mail from their personal Gmail! Create emails using the Google app, allowing users to use the familiar Gmail user interface while keeping your nonprofit’s data within your organization. And now with Google for Nonprofits, cost is no excuse for keeping your NPO safe.

Other ways to maximize the use of this resource.

  • Use the Google website to quickly create an intranet page for new employees, organizational knowledge, or projects.
  • Create an office phone line using Google Hangout. Or send messages and video chats with multiple users within Gmail.

Save $6/person/month compared to G Suite paid accounts.

Google Ads Grant

Overall, I think Google Grants is the most powerful of all Google for Universal apps, because Google is giving you $10,000 a month to raise money through a pay-per-click (PPC). For those unfamiliar with PPC, it’s a text ad you see when you search google. It falls in second place on the list because while everyone can use free money, its steep learning curve can scare people.

What it can bring you.

  • $10,000/month free money is spent on pay-per-click ads.
  • Unlimited click-per-click cost if you install a tracking code
  • Ads are text-only and run only on Google.com, excluding any search partners or ad networks.
  • The complete Google Adwords platform manages and measures your activities.

Getting people on your nonprofit’s website is certainly the biggest use for advertising funding. You can use it to promote your next campaign, get new email subscribers, attract potential donors, or just spread your campaign. $10,000 translates into about 5,000 site visits per month!

But more than just improving your site’s statistics, the advantage of Google Ads is that you can laser target specific niches. Go to keywords such as “Scientific Convention” to promote your geek party, or try “volunteer opportunity near me” to recruit some more manpower. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to learn more about using advertising grants to help your nonprofit, please contact us.

YouTube Non-Profit Program

For nonprofits that see the value of videos, the YouTube Non-Profit Program takes your YouTube channel to the next level and expands your donation. It even gives you the ability to plug into the vast world of YouTube content creators and develop meaningful partnerships. It’s certainly more dense than some of the other apps in Google For Nonprofits, but it’s well worth the effort.

What it can bring you.

  • Be able to have a “donation card” and “any link card” on your video. These are enhanced YouTube notes to make your videoane an interactive experience.
  • Zero transaction fees for any donations processed by YouTube.
  • For channels with more than 1,000 users: Access To YouTube Spaces, Google’s professional production studios worldwide.

We all know that telling the story of your nonprofit organization is important to keep inge with your cause. So create a process for making engaging videos for each project your charity is responsible for. For example, a children’s sponsor can make a short video for each child and attach a donation card at the end of the video. This connects donors to projects, removes barriers to donations, and saves your nonprofit spending 3 processing fees. Here’s a video about how a donation card works.

Other ways to maximize the use of this resource.

  • Build your year-round subscriber count and connect with Google Spaces to create a grand year-end appeal video. There’s not much information about how quickly YouTube Spaces respond to requests, or how selective they are, but the app will ask if your channel has more than 10k subscribers. It may be a good idea to achieve this goal before applying.
  • Connect with content creators and pundits and get them to put their donation cards in your nonprofit organization. These donation cards are available to any YouTuber with a steady fan base, and they can link to any eligible organization. Try to build partnerships with influential people and add a donation card to their videos. Google even offers an outreach kit;

How do I apply for Google for Nonprofits?

Do these benefits sound attractive to you? Ready to apply for your Google For Nonprofits account? If you’re ready, you’ll need to take some steps to use all the features mentioned in this article.

During the application process, a large number of documents are required to prove your non-profit status, and TechSoup will also need to confirm that you are a charity. You need to gather the information you need with your entire team.

Before you go to Google Successful folder, you need to take the following steps first.

  • Double-check whether your organization meets Google For Price.
  • Your mission statement is displayed prominently on the site, as Google does when approving accounts.
  • Make sure you applied with your work-linked Google account. Changing the profile account associated with the Google For Plan account after applying is difficult.
  • Once you’ve done all this, you can follow the next steps listed on the Google For Nonprofits homepage. As we mentioned earlier, confirmation may take up to two weeks. Please request any information for any information in case Google requests more information.

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